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(J) - OA015A Honu III (New Design - Fins Down) Ornament

Honu (Green Sea Turtle) 3.

An average of 19 individual pieces of exotic hardwoods are employed in the construction of the Honu.

The Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle is an endangered species. It lives close to shore on all the Hawaiian Islands and is seen and enjoyed by thousands of divers and snoklers. The reverence for the Honu by the ancient Hawaiians is depicted in the Honu petroglyphs (rock carvings) seen on the Islands. The Honu petroglyph is also a very popular theme in Hawaiian print fabrics.

This Aloha Wood Art rendering is created using exotic hardwoods with no paint or stain. Each color is a different type of wood. Wood burning is used for small details.

Price: $13.95