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About Our Wood Art

Created by Paul Le and his younger sister, Aloha Wood Art by the Le Family showcases a unique family tradition, utilizing the artistic skills of its member craftsmen in both America and Vietnam by offering a complete collection of unique and magnificent Hawaiian wall decors.

Le family style three-dimensionally contoured wood pictures are an exclusive family art that has for years been the pride of its member craftsmen. Each piece of wood is meticulously hand-contoured and carefully fit to create pictures of various dimensions. The design utilizes strictly natural color and grain configuration of the many kinds of wood employed in the creation of the art. Exotic woods such as ebony, rosewood, cocobolo, jacques and others are polished and finished without staining or painting, making each piece truly a one-of-a-kind work of art. Also, the Wood-grain Laminated Backing added beauty and elegance while provide optimal protection against moisture.

Various designs within the collection can be obtained individually, adding new designs to create or expand on a theme. The wood art pieces are meant to be showcased individually as well as to compliment each other Grouping a few or several pieces can open up exciting possibilities, making fine accents to a room, den or other living space.