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Q: Why should I become a Registered Customer? What are the benefits?

A: Registered Aloha Wood Art Customers get 10% off on all purchases.

Q: How does Aloha Wood Art handle shipping? How are shipping charges computed?

A: Retail Customers:
Aloha Wood Art ships all orders via Fedex Ground which, from Honolulu, means air to Los Angeles and then Fedex Ground to your location. Please allow six business days for fulfillment and delivery. Shipping charges are as follows.
Single Magnets and Ornaments - $5.00
Single Medium and Large pieces - $13.00
Single XL Pieces - $19.00
Single Super Size pieces - $38.00.

On multiple item orders, we compute charges as follows:
Largest item - full charge for a single piece
Second item - 50% of the single piece charge
Third item is free
Fourth and subsequent items - 33% of the single piece charge. Please note: These rates apply only to shipping addresses in the 48 Contiguous States.

Wholesale Customers:
Aloha Wood Art ships everything via Fedex. If you have a Fedex account, provide your account information to Aloha Wood and we will use your account to ship to you. If you do not have an Fedex account, we will charge 10% of the total sale for shipping and handling for US Mainland cutomers and 5% of the total sale for in-State customers.

Q: What is the manufacturing process?

A: Paul Le, owner and CEO of Aloha Wood Art by the Le Family, who resides in Honolulu, is the designer. Designs are sent to Paul's family in Vietnam for manufacture. The pieces are constructed using exotic tropical hardwoods. Each piece of wood is meticulously hand-contoured and carefully assembled to create multi-dimensional works of art. Each piece is created using the natural color and grain of the many types of woods we employ . Exotic woods such as Ebony, Rosewood, Cocobolo, Jacques and others are polished and finished without stain or paint. The color and grain of the individual pieces of wood vary, making each piece a one-of-a-kind work of art. The colors in these pieces will remain true for generations. An occasional wipe down with a product such as Old English Lemon Oil will keep the piece in orignal condition.