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Wholesale Information

Our merchandise is available at wholesale prices to qualified resellers.

Qualified resellers are provided an account on We provide you with a user ID and password that will permit you to access the wholesale module of Your wholesale prices will be approximately 45% of the retail prices shown on

First wholesale orders must be purchased with a credit card and must be for a minimum of $700. On subsequent orders, we will give you Net-30 terms and there will be no minimums. We ship via Fedex. If you have a Fedex account, we can charge shipping directly to your account or, if you prefer, we will add shipping to the overall cost of the order.

We recommend you use the website as a catalog but order by sending email to The website serves well as a catalog because the photos give you an appreciation for the fine details of the pieces.

The reason for ordering by email is that we can beat the website calculated prices for wholesale purchases. This is because the website aggregates the cost to ship individual items and runs it through an algorithm to come up with a total price. Bulk wholesale orders are less expensive to ship than the website calculated price, thus you save by ordering via email.

When ordering via email, you need only list the SKU, name of the product, quantity desired and the unit wholesale price.

If you would like to proceed with setting up a wholesale account, please complete the retailer inquiry form below and we will contact you.

Please send questions to