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NEWS & Announcement from Aloha Wood Art

Aloha , here is what's news in the coming weeks.

We will be updating our site from Feb.01 to Mar.5,2015 ( Update : Looks like we have to push it back to Mar.20 due to delays ) . Lots of pictures are missing but we should have them all uploaded by the end of this month . We are sorry for the inconvenience.

In the future , we will have special promotions and sales . All Sales and Promotions will be announced on this page . Please check back with us as soon as you can .

Select SALE! to view our latest SALES and Promotions for the week.

Due to our updating procedures , some links on the left such as "Collections" and "Special" will be out of service . If you click on these links , you will be asked to return to Main Page . We will have them turned back on once our updating is done. Other links are working normally.

Much Mahalo from Hawaii.

Here are some pictures of our display at the Douglas Trade Show , a display from one of our customer store in Kona, Big Island and some custom-ordered pieces we have done for some military units here . Enjoy!

UPDATE Today Mar.06,2015 : We are so sorry for the delay , but it looks like we need another 2 weeks to get all the pictures taken and updated . There will be some uploaded in the mean time . Thank you for your understanding .

UPDATE Today Mar.24, 2015 : We have some pictures of custom orders up . Taking and preparing pictures require more time than we initially anticipated but we are getting it done , Soon. Thank you for your patience.

a1-Douglas Show 1 - $0.00

a2- Douglas Trades Show 2 - $0.00

a3- Douglas Trades Show - $0.00

a4- Douglas Trades Show - $0.00

b1- Custom-Ordered - $0.00

b2- Custom-ordered - $0.00

b3- Custom-ordered - $0.00

b4- Custom-order - $0.00
c1- Store Display - $0.00